Privacy and Service Policy


We don't block end-user access to legal content, applications, or services.


We do not discriminate or slow down your traffic by content, application, port, service or users.

Affiliated or Paid Prioritization

We don't favor certain types of traffic over another. We don't charge more or less for certain kinds of traffic or destinations or receive kickbacks for doing so.

congestion management

If you are using the full bandwidth of your service, our equipment tries to make sure that each user's traffic in your house or business gets a fair share. During peak hours, Vertical's overall connections are shared as equitably as possible, given differing service plan levels. We try to make sure that you see at least 80% of your plan speed, 80% of the time or better, consistent with Federal guidelines. We usually exceed this goal. Residential plans are not guaranteed speeds.

terms of service

Don't use your service do anything illegal under US law. Don't share your Internet with your neighbors or renters — it's OK to share with guests in your house. Sharing or reselling internet is grounds for termination of service. Billing is automated, so if you don't pay your service gets shut off by computers, not people.

Turn around time on service calls are 24-48 hours. It is possible for times to exceed this during busy periods. Replacement of damaged routers are $50.

*Terms of Service can be updated.

type of service

We use fixed wireless technology and optical fiber. Latency between the end user and Vertical's connection to the rest of Alaska is expected to be between 20 and 100 milliseconds, approximately 90% of the time. This target is consistent with current Federal recommendations. We track this internal measurement over time and for each customer to ensure quality.


reasonable network management

We are allowed to reserve the right to practice reasonable network management under Federal guidelines, a practice appropriate and tailored to achieving a legitimate network management purpose, taking into account the particular network architecture and technology of the broadband Internet access service. If we need to invoke this right, we will disclose it here.


We do not capture, inspect, or store the contents of your network traffic unless you specifically request that we do so for troubleshooting purposes. Neither we nor our network management and technical support affiliates sell any personal information to third parties. We take reasonable precautions (like strong encryption and access controls) to prevent malicious third parties from intercepting your traffic.