• Other providers charge by the gigabYTE?

    • We don't! If you've got a couple kids at home watching video online, you'll be burning through your caps in no time. No worries about that with Vertical.
  • What does "uncapped" really mean? Will I have unlimited data, but be throttled to dialup speeds?

  • What is the Fair Use policy?

  • Will you cover my street?

    • Fill out the form to see a detailed projection of our planned coverage area. Reality may differ: areas that are marked as covered may be marginal, and areas marked as uncovered may have signal. We will confirm your actual availability.
  • What if coverage is marginal in my area, and I can't get your fastest speeds?

    • You may be still be eligible for lower speed plans. If there's a way to get a receiver antenna up higher, via a structure, pole or tower, we'll explore those options too. More height is always better, but can be expensive to achieve. Clearing is vital.
  • How much clearing do I actually need?

    • It varies. In general, the more clear space you have between your receiver antenna and the trees, facing the direction of your nearest tower, the better. VB installers will work with you at your location to make sure you have a reliable signal.
  • What areas are you really "not serving"?

    • In general, we're hitting the entire populated valley. However, we do not overlap much with ACS' current DSL coverage.


  • Is IDEA funding available for Vertical Broadband's service?

    • Yes! Contact your IDEA contact teacher and local tech, and get an installation quote from us. If we can we'll negotiate a bulk discount.
  • Is Lifeline funding available for low-income users?

    • The FCC has announced their intention to direct Lifeline dollars toward broadband, and a $9.25/mo subsidy will be available for people with low income, starting in December. However, we don't know yet whether any VB plans will be eligible. Watch this space.


We did outdoor coverage testing in February and some manufacturer training in March 2016. By May we had the first customers live, and the first Barley Project coverage in mid-June 2016.

About Us

craig mason

With a background in cellular and information technology, Craig was tired of having poor Internet at his home. He built some new towers and long-range microwave links to bring high speed Internet to his rural village. Luckily Delta is on the way there.

heritage networks

Heritage's network engineer, Jeremy Austin, has been serving Internet to the village of Whitestone since 1998. He has experience with DSL, fiber, wireless, and more. He got into the business because (as Alaskans know) sometimes you have to build it yourself to get it done.

We believe that providing better Internet keeps people happy, and drives the local economy in amazing ways.



We're almost always available on our Facebook page for messaging. Feel free to email craig@verticalbroadband.com as well.

Call us toll-free at (833) 501-3650. We do call back.